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Mission Statement:

The New Mexico Association of Educational Retirees is an inclusive organization which promotes the professional, economic, intellectual, social, and physical well-being of its members; encourages volunteer opportunities in the community; and provides advocacy for improved retirement benefits for all educational retirees.

Our Method - to educate and mobilize the membership around issues germane to retired educators and to public education in the state.

Our pledge - to work tirelessly for the health and welfare of our members, to advocate for meaningful educational reforms, to support our active educators in teaching our children and to champion the cause of education as catalyst for improving family life in our nation.

Who We Are:

We are anyone fifty years or older who is connected to the Educational Retirement System. Anyone who is drawing a pension or contributing to the Retirement Fund through their current employment is eligible to become a member, as are their spouses.

What We Do:

We were founded in 1942, as a voluntary non-profit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for its members and to foster education at all levels for people of all ages, with approximately 20 colleagues to bond and stay current with the times. As we expanded, we tried to enhance the lives of the educational retirees. We have been instrumental in acquiring a COLA (Cost of Living), advocating for ad hoc increases in our pensions, passing amendment four to the New Mexico State Constitution, and health advocacy issues. We have consistently guarded our retirement fund so that it would be there for us throughout our lives as well as those of the future retirees. We were one of the thirteen sponsoring states for the establishment of NRTA in 1947. We are still closely affiliated with NRTA and serve as advocates for our New Mexico Retirees as well as nationally with NRTA. We have a Representative elected from our organization to both the Retirement Board (ERB) and the New Mexico Retirees Health Care Authority. Today we have approximately 7,000 members and are growing and expanding services.

What's In It For You:

The opportunity to have a dialog with your legislators about important issues affecting retirees is an example of your dues money at work. In addition, memebers get access to highly sought after benefits and merchant discounts. Your membership also entitles you to Medical Emergency Airlift Transportation, Resort Rentals, and Travel Opportunities. Benefits continue to be added as we are constantly evaluating programs for you the retiree. Click below to view NMAER benefits.

What Does It Cost

Our dues are presently set at $30.00 per year, or you can get them deducted from your retirement check for $2.50 a month.